Safety Concerns

Safety Concerns

Safety concerns

"Always be ready" is the main moto in our company as during travel "expect the unexpected" ,anything can happen at anytime although trekking is not dangerous in context of Nepal, safety should always be kept in notice. Unlimited himalaya adventures will always have a pre-trek meeting where among others safety will be discussed. We still recommend, however, that you prepare yourself as much as possible and go through the below health and safety instructions-that would be helpful.

Before Trekking

- "Better be safer than sorry" be prepared for adverse weather condition and have a proper clothing ( Please make sure with your guide).
- Have insurance in place so that it would be in handy in case of any emergency(helicopter emergency evacuation).
- We recommend you to bring Hand sanitizer or disinfection gel in order not to get sick
- Bring your cell phone with you, network connection might not be good when "out there", but if it can and you need it, you'll be glad you brought it.
- Bring first aid kit and we recommend to get an genuine Government license holder guide while trekking in the Himalaya.
- Even its cold, their would be plenty of sun-rays always bring sunscreen,sunglasses and hat.
- Bring torch.
- Have some knowledge about Altitude Sickness.

While trekking

- Mules and Yaks are most common mode of transportation in mountain and trekking route you need to be careful during confronting yaks
  and mule do not get close to any ridges as they might accidentally push you off.
- Drink plenty of water and warm soup to avoid altitude sickness but no alcohol.
- Always be with authorised company and genuine Government license holder guide.
- Donot ascend too fast while you are above 3,000 m as it significantly increase the risk of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).
- Don't forget to keep rain kit and warm clothe in case of sudden change in weather.
- Try to get weather information enroute so as to not get caught in adverse weather circumstances.
- Take a map,compass and GPS to know your location while travelling in more remote trekking regions of Nepal.
- Take a note and advice provided by your guide and trekking agency.

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