Nepal is a Landlocked country occupying 147,181 km.sq in Asia bordered by Tibet Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China in North and by India in East,West and South. Eventhough its size its rich in biodiversity we could find topographical variation from 60 lowland to the world highest peak i.e Mt Everest resulting from the sub tropical to alpine climatic condition within the span of 200 km width its also known for its unique triangular flag. Nepal has a population of more than 30 million with recorded 125 ethnic group practicing their own culture and tradition. Nepal is home country to eight of the world's ten highest peaks, including Mount Everest(8848m). Nepal is multi-ethnic, multiracial,
multicultural, multi-religious and multilingual country.Nepali is the national language and Kathmandu is its capital city. Nepal has four main season Winter: December-February, Spring: March-May, Summer: June-August and Autumn: September-November. Nepal has been staying as secular country for long time but government has announced it officially after 2007 A.D. The Hindu Temple and Buddhist Shrines are scattered all over the kingdom. All religion Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Muslims and others religion are living together in peace and harmony. Nepal is also known as the birthplace of Lord Buddha i.e Light of Asia. Unique features are Nepal is the home land for one horned Rhino and spiny babbler(only found in Nepal). Its unique features and lovely behavior of local people makes tourists come back again and again. No doubt Nepal- Once is not Enough.